Natural Stone Tiles including travertine, marble, limestone, sandstone and grainte. Browse our website to find the tile you are looking for. We keep most of our natural stone in stock n our warehouses in London for immediate delivery to your home within 2-3 working days.

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  • Travertine

    The warm and inviting tones of travertine tiles are found near warm or hot springs and have a rich color-range of creamy-whites, soft beiges, tans and browns and even a touch of gold with unique veins and markings. In ancient times Travertine tiles were used for projects ranging from the splendor of the Colonnade of St Peter's Square to private patios and homes. Designers today choose Travertine tile for floors both inside and out, as well as kitchen and bathroom walls.

  • Marble

    Over the centuries marble has become synonymous with tradition and culture, capturing the essence of old-world charm. The varied textured pattern of marble tile and slabs creates a subtle, yet rich feel. Marble surfaces have been adding this luxurious texture to architecture and interior design projects for years. Due to their beauty and durability, they are considered to be a material of the highest suitability for a multitude of applications. Whether you need polished marble or are looking for a matte honed, or brushed marble, our design staff at the Complete Tile showroom can assist you in selecting the most suitable marble tile for your project.

  • Limestone

    Limestone is composed of natural stone grains and as a result, has a more subtle mottling to its surface than other stones. Throughout history Limestone has been a stable building block of architecture and design. Natural grains in the stone give a classically natural look to floors, backsplashes, wall designs or fireplaces. Utilizing one of nature’s elegant elements – Limestone – your design project can make the leap to extraordinary. Limestone tiles and slabs come in a wide variety of styles and colors. We offer both polished and honed finish Limestone tile.

  • Slate

    Slate is a natural stone that has a distinct surface, with a texture and feel all its own. Due to the natural stone striations and hue no slate tile is the same, so using slate makes every space unique. Besides looking fantastic in bathrooms or on exterior walls or floors, slate tiles are extremely durable and their strength makes them attractive for high foot-traffic areas. Resistant to moisture and stains, slate tile is a natural choice for every surface.

  • Granite

    Traditionally used in kitchen or bathroom countertops, Granite tile and slabs have a permanent and substantial feel to them, hold up to heat exceptionally well and are very, very hard. The only stone harder than granite is diamond, which means it will last a lifetime. It’s strength and durability, along with the fact that granite comes in such a spectacular array of colors, has led to its reputation as an exceptional stone tile.

  • Mosaic

    Mosaic tiles are ideal to create an eye-catching feature piece in your home. Whether you cover a whole bathroom in them or just add a small touch for a splash back, mosaic tiles have a variety of different uses and designs. Not only do they give you something interesting to look at, but these small square tiles also have various practical uses. In rooms that are exposed to water, such as bathrooms and kitchens, tiled walls and floors can offer you a sturdy, long-lasting work surface that can easily withstand the tests of time and heavy usage.